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COVID-19 update for Makers

We did not plan on sending out an information letter concerning the current “Corona Crisis”. However, after getting quite a few questions from customers about the possibility of delivery, we have decided to send out this newsletter to inform you about the implications.

Mild measures taken in the Netherlands

Yesterday night the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, held a speech concerning the COVID-19 virus on national television. He explained why the Dutch government is taking relatively mild safety measures. The reasoning behind it is that a complete lockdown would stretch out the period the virus could be active for much longer. According to their experts in the field, mild measures will prevent hospitals from becoming too crowded and at the same time allowing the Dutch population to slowly build up immunity for the virus. He mentioned specifically that he does not want a total lock down at any time, but did mention they look at a situation on a day to day basis.

We keep on working with the small team that we have. However, we do take our own actions in respect to having less social interactions so as to minimize the risk we pose to our beloved elderly safe from harm.

What it means for you

So far we have still been able to ship out shells in the last week with successful deliveries to all locations in the world. FedEx (and TNT being part of FedEx now) only have one to three days of added delivery time for the US and a couple of other countries outside of Europe. Within the EU the delivery times should be normal.

However, this the situation now and we are well aware of the fact that conditions are subject to change. We will only send out another newsletter about COVID-19 and its implications if there is a major change in policies posed by the Dutch government or FedEx. Furthermore, before ordering shells, it can be a good idea to check the news of your own country and its local safety measures.

Final words

We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and stay healthy!

Luckily us makers do not need to have to have a lot of social interactions to hammer away, so I wish you a good amount of healthy happy hammering!!

Thoughts and prayers,

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