First Ayasa Makers Newsletter

April 2018

You have received this email because you are a client of ours or have once contacted us. We are planning to release a newsletter every few months or so, just to give you an update on any new batches of steel and other developments concerning Ayasa Makers. Please hit the unsubscribe button at the bottom of this email if you do not wish to receive anymore newsletters.

Panart Patent

Many of you have been contacting us regarding the Panart patent and if our nitrided shells infringe it. Panart’s patent is about a specific result from nitriding, in the patent there is talk of nitriding through and through the steel, a 100 hours nitriding process and creating so called nitriding needles. We have developed our own nitriding process which is only a few hours long and with a post oxidation process. This process creates what Felix Rohner might call a “Sandwich” style shell, i.e. only a thin nitriding layer is formed on both the bottom and top of the shell.

Because we have also been contacted by Panart, we decided to send our material to an independent laboratory in the Netherlands who have researched the material and made a micrograph according to the method described in Panart’s patent. The results are that we do not infringe the patent. Felix has read the report and confirmed that he is happy we do not infringe his patent.

New batches of steel

We have finished the first three batches by now and we are left with the relatively large batch#4. For us, batch#4 works the best so far in creating quality instruments with a lot of sustain. We are happy to be able to offer this material to the community. Check out the video below for a demonstration of batch#4.

Batch#5 is now in the process of being deep drawn. After we have tested the material we hope to offer this material in one or two months from now. We are also on spending extra time to research what would be the best DC04 material for our new batch#6. Our striving is that we can offer you different batches of DC04 and DC05 steel at the same time, so that you can find the material that best suits the sound you are looking for.

New webpage and bottom shells

Our new webpage concerning shells is online. You can find all the detailed information regarding batches, dimensions and pictures on there. Click here to visit. We now also have bottom shells available, see the picture below and more on the webpage!

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