Batch#10 is here! News on moving the workshop to Almere. August 2019

We are happy to show you a demo video of the new batch#10 in this newsletter. Read on to learn about the current available batches and the coming batch#11. Finally we’ll tell a little something about our moving of the Ayasa workshop


Batch#10 is here since a few weeks and we now have a few cured instruments from this batch of steel. We found that this material is relatively easy to work with. The instruments we made from this batch have quite a ceramic touch and nice mix of harmonics. In short: we like it! We suggest you watch the video below and decide by yourself 🙂 The sound is, as always, unedited and recorded with two condensor mics.

Available now and coming batch#11

At the moment we have all types of shells available from both batch#8 and batch#10. Batch#9 is completely sold out. Batch#11 is expected to arrive within one or two months.

On the move….

We are moving the workshop on the 28th and 29th of August to a new location in the town of Almere. Only on these two specific dates we will not be able to ship out any shells and will be closed. Before and after we will be open as usual.

The new location will provide us with more storage space for shells. This means we will be able to purchase larger and more batches of steel. Thereby having the effect that each batch of steel will last a lot longer and there will be multiple batches of steel available at the same time. In that way makers have more choice of which material they prefer and are able to differentiate their product more.

If you have any questions or wish to make an order, you can reply to this email directly and let us know.

Happy hammering!!

Roy van den Bor and the rest of the Ayasa team