Meet Jacob

Jacob Cole is a world percussionist, instructor, composer, and jazz fusion drummer. As a graduate of Berklee College of Music he has studied with many of the worlds masters. He now takes that knowledge and his depth of experience as a professional musician to the handpan, his primary love and passion. Jacob’s unique style of playing reflects a diverse range of percussive styles and techniques, yet ultimately it is his love for the groove and improvisation that drives his music.

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“I’m honored to play Ayasa and call Ralf my friend, he is an amazing human and equally amazing craftsman. My Ayasa 2015 LongLoy can only be described as a pristine musical gift to my soul. Every Ayasa I have tried are among the best looking and sounding handpans in the world!”

Ayasa handpan - kanjira /frame drum / tabla - konnakol groove - TaTaKaJuNaTa