Tools and Supplies

Besides handpan shells we also offer a variety of products and tools that can assist you in your handpan building process. We offer tuning rings, Merbenit glue, Phoenix oil and Scotchbrite. In the future we will also offer tuning hamers as well as magnets (only for muting tonefields while tuning).

tuning rings

Tuning Rings

This set of tuning rings works perfectly with our shells. The inner diameter is 530mm. The bolts and thread are M14 and hardenend.

Each set of rings includes.

  • Thick top ring (15mm)
  • Thin top ring (10mm)
  • Bottom ring (10mm)
  • Set of eight bolts M14, 25mm
  • Set of eight bolts M14, 20mm
tuning rings

The reason why we use a set of three rings is that every combination of rings will cause frequencies that will be picked up by your tuning software and can make tuning some notes quite difficult. Mostly we use the combination of the thick top ring and the bottom ring. Whenever we encounter a note that is difficult to read we switch to the other top ring. For example, the main problem frequencies with this combination are the B4 are the F#3 and for the two thin rings the note that gives the most trouble is the A4.

The tuning rings are in our experience best to be used on a truck tire of the size 275/70R22.5. You might think that a truck tire is a bit old school and less advanced for a professional tuner… However here at Ayasa we have been tuning for 7 years with truck tires, and have tried out stands but the in the end the truck tire wins big time. Tuning with loose rings in a rubber truck tire has a couple of important advantages over tuning in a tuning stand:

  • Less metal is used, meaning that there are less ‘ghost’ frequencies that interfere with your readings on your tuning software
  • The inside of the tire functions as an acoustic chamber, increasing the resonance and volume, allowing for clearer readings on your tuning software.
  • Tuning in a truck tire means you have to tune standing; tuning standing is much better for your posture. Tip, if your body is hurting whilst tuning, change the height of the tire, finding the right height of the tire for your body is the key for prolonged hours (5 hours + a day) of tuning without pain.
tuning rings

Make sure that before you use the rings you tap the threads and thread the bolts using professional tools in combination with cutting/drill oil for endurance of your rings and bolts. Before using tools to tighten the bolts, first turn them by hand, if the bolts get stuck make sure to tap and thread again.

Price of the full set is €300

Merbenit HS60 Glue

Merbenit HS60 Glue has been used by makers for over 18 years and we do not know of any cases of which the glue has lost its grip. We have known of other glues used by handpan makers that have let go and needed a re-glueing. At Ayasa Instruments we are only using Merbenit glue since 2013 and we recommend it to any other maker.

  • Price per tube €16

Box of 12 tubes can be ordered seperately

Merbenit HS60 Glue

Phoenix Oil

Phoenix Oil has proved itself to offer the best rust protection without losing sustain. It is composed of 99,5% natural ingredients and has a fresh scent. We recommend to only ship out Phoenix oiled instruments to prevent rust on the way. We also recommend to give a bottle to each of your customers together with instructions to prevent having to repair rusted instruments that come back to your shop.

  • 1x 100ml bottle: €12.39
  • 10x 100ml bottle: €11
  • 50x 100ml bottle: €10
  • 1x 250ml bottle €23
Phoenix Oil

3M scotchbrite Ultrafine

In order to clean all the dirt, possible rust particles and greasy leftovers, we scrub the shells thoroughly with alcohol and 3M scotchbrite Ultrafine and then paper towels and alcohol before annealing to avoid any post annealing marks such as fingerprints. We do the same after trimming the flange and then we clean the instrument thoroughly with paper towels and alcohol until the papers stay white. Then it’s time to apply the Phoenix oil.

  • Price per box of 20 scotchbrite handpads: €40
3M scotchbrite Ultrafine


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