Meet Jeremy

Former classical flute player, multiple styles drummer, sound engineer and soundtrack composer, Jeremy Nattagh has committed his life to music since the age of 7. Always working to improve his skills and eager to develop new soundscapes, he has been seen and heard performing on several TV shows, radio broadcasts and many stages all around the world, with french and african gospel stars, as well as world music band Toure Kunda.

The handpan came into his life in the end of 2014 and suddenly brought him to create his very own universe, surrounding handpans with feet percussions, flutes, jawharps, didgeridoo and electronic effects. Whether he is alone or with prestigious guests on stage, playing acoustic world music or heavy organic trance music, he has always amazed his audiences with his new perspectives and unlimited energy. He is one of the rare artists that brought the handpan to mainstream festivals, pop music production and electro styles. He is also currently creating numerous new shows with horses, aerial acrobats and dancers.

To learn more about Jeremy, please see Website / Youtube / Facebook / Bandcamp / Instagram

“Ayasa’s commitment to make the best instrument for my needs really encouraged and inspired me to go further in my skills. This instrument is now the number one for my gigs, offering so many possibilities, and I never leave it too far from me, even when I sleep”

Peculiar Spring//Ayasa Handpan D Kurd 22