Meet Louis L

Louis L. Is a 26 year old Hamburg-based artist. By leaving his birthplace after finishing highschool he started broadening his vision and kept on moving ever since. Inspired by various musicians, artists, cultures, lifestyles and family he is focused on creation and enrichment of the world.

His passion for creating music erupted early in life and got deepened by discovering the handpan. This young instrument led to a turning point and opened up a whole new world. The handpan also helped immensely with understanding music better and furthermore, dig deeper into the world of electronic music which he explores in his project 'Four Birds'. The name is a collective term for family, music, animals and nature - things he values most in life. Having a family which functions as classical multi-instrumentalists, teachers and grounding sources of comfort he is well-used to absorbing sound and finding comfort in tranquility which Louis L. transmits via the music he writes.

“Ayasa, beyond being a beautiful sound sculpture, for me stands for a team of friends you can count on and support you in any way they possibly can. Thank you!”