Meet Peter

Peter Levitov is an experimental multi-instrumentalist and improvisational composer. His soundscapes, inspired by Tibetan, Sufi, and Indigenous healing sound traditions, explore a broad range of instrumentation, from ancient to contemporary, creating restorative environments that support personal growth and healing. He is the founder of Handpan 360, a space for us lovers of singing steel to gather around the fire of these mysterious instruments and their harmonizing sounds. We are a collective of artists, musicians, educators, and enthusiasts who have experienced these instruments to carry secrets of a healing and connection that are so dearly needed today to help us rise above and through the global challenges humanity currently faces.

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“I have played about a dozen Ayasa instruments over the last 2 years and I am really impressed with the consistent quality. These are high level instruments with a wonderful fundamental heavy bloom, great balance and sustain in the overtones, solid stability, great note isolation, nice shoulder tones, and a crisp interstitial. Oh yeah, did i mention the consistency. When you purchase an Ayasa you can feel pretty confident you will be receiving a great instrument.”

Romanian Hijaz Spb Studio Improv